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The Grant Recipients for the Grant Program: "Script Development and Exclusive Online Sessions with EAVE Experts"


The list of Grant Recipients for the Grant Program: "Script Development and Exclusive Online Sessions with EAVE Experts" by the Ukrainian Film Academy in partnership with Netflix and European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs (EAVE) has been announced. The main goal of the Grant Program is to support Ukrainian creators in Ukraine and around the world who have been affected or displaced by the war, aiming to continue and develop their work.


Original feature films with a duration of 70 minutes or more that were in the development stage at the time of application were accepted.


Due to the high level of projects submitted, Netflix has increased the number of grants awarded to 25, each going to a two-person scriptwriter / producer team working on a feature film project. The full list of projects that will receive funding and mentoring is below:


  • All clear, scriptwriter Christina Tynkevysh, producer Sergei Konnov

  • Color of the wind, scriptwriter Antonina Noyabrova, producer Anastasiia Bukovska

  • Exodus, scriptwriter Sergii Masloboishchykov, producer Oleksii Moskalenko

  • Flowers outside the window, scriptwriter Trofimenko Victoria, producer Lukyanenko Olesya

  • Happy days, scriptwriter Vladlen Odudenko, producer Iya Myslytska

  • Magic Mountain, scriptwriter Mykola Zasieiev, producer Natalia Libet

  • Milkweed Man, scriptwriter Oksana Grytsenko, producer Mykola Korotkiy

  • Mom, where are you?, scriptwriter Oleksiy Mamedov, producer Roman Klympush

  • New Dad, scriptwriter Anastasiia Lodkina, producer Hanna Koval (pen name Anna Eliseeva)

  • Noah, scriptwriter Marysia Nikitiuk, producer Solomiya Ilnytska

  • On this land we are free flowers, scriptwriter Ivan Timshyn, producer Bella Terzi

  • Phantoms, scriptwriter Andriy Babik, producer Andriy Suyarko

  • Polyn, scriptwriter Oksana Artemenko, producer Olena Yakovenko

  • Seizure, scriptwriter Maksym Dankevych, producer Yuriy Prylypko

  • Siblings, scriptwriter Anna Yatsenko, producer Volodymyr Yatsenko

  • Something strange happened to me, scriptwriter Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk, producer Vika Khomenko

  • Stolen happiness, scriptwriter Kukoba Oksana, producer Diana Novyk

  • Surrogates, scriptwriter Nadiia Shmelova, producer Andrii Osipov

  • The Dam, scriptwriter Yaroslav Voitseshek, producer Iryna Kostyuk

  • The enemy i knew, scriptwriter Anton Bazelinsky, producer Igor Storchak

  • The Nuclear Club, scriptwriter Igor Savychenko, producer Dmytro Kozhema

  • Vira's heart desire, scriptwriter Tamara Nikitchyna (Molotkova), producer Tetiana Shulika

  • Where the sun rises, scriptwriter Egor Olesov, producer Olha Maksiuk

  • Women Suicide Season, scriptwriter Anastasiya Gruba, producer Oleksandra Kostina

  • You are not alone, scriptwriter Olena Shatseva, producer Mariia Semenova

Additionally, the Ukrainian Film Academy will translate all scripts into English at the end of the Program. Exclusive online sessions with EAVE experts will also be conducted specifically for the Grant Recipients. The Grant Recipients will receive support through group sessions discussing the main industry trends and individual sessions from EAVE on script development and project development, which will cover strategies for financing and marketing.


Projects were evaluated by 4 international experts, who are not eligible to submit them for evaluation.


Please note that the complete rules and regulations are at the link.


This initiative is part of the support for the Ukrainian film and TV industry by the Netflix Fund for Creative Equity. Over the last two years, 200 industry professionals have received stipends for creative purposes, and education and mentoring have been offered to over 650 Ukrainian filmmakers, scriptwriters, producers, and others in the creative community. With the support of Netflix, the Ukrainian Film Academy has also aided 48 projects with script development grants and 10 advanced film projects, offering financial assistance to help with post-production.

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