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Not only people fight at war. Dogs also fight. It was a strong, young shepherd dog resembling a she-wolf. Each service member left her a new nickname, a new call sign, because they did not know what her name was before. The fighter gave a new name to the dog and dedicated his life forever to the war.

Perhaps no one will be able to untangle her trail in the war from beginning to end. She always appeared unexpectedly: Latka, Khrystia, Yarka... Yarka will be her first call sign.

Several times Yarka died together with a fighter, with her comrade, but... "She will leak her wounds fast," said the new owner, and the dog continued to fight. Naida, Palma, Hilza, Likena...

They claim that sometimes she appeared in two places at the same time; this is how the cossacks-kharakternyks fought. Yarka knew a little more than people do. Perhaps she listened to her previous wolf experience, Damka, Vidma, Syva...

Perhaps it was just revenge because the first of her brood died on the day the war began. The brood died, but the smell of trouble remained forever. That morning, Yarka climbed to the top of the boney pile and smelled this odor. It came from the east. One of the soldiers who died in the encirclement of Ilovaisk once said that Yarka had political intuition.

This intuition told her what to do. However, people considered those actions mysterious sometimes. Somehow they even wanted to liquidate her because they suspected that she was suffering from rabies as her revenge was so fierce, beastly, and merciless.




Mykhailo Ilienko began working in cinema as a film director and screenwriter in 1973 after graduating from the VGIK Institute (Moscow), where he studied in the workshop of director Mikhail Romm.

In addition to nine full-length feature films and one full-length documentary film, his creative legacy includes short films (narrative and documentary), one animated film, screenplays, as well as three books on some aspects of the director's profession.

During the years of Ukraine's independence, director Mykhailo Ilienko created four films: Fuchzhou, The Seventh Route, Firecrosser, Toloka, a film-diary Journey with the Illegal (Ukrainian: «Подорож з Нелегалом»), as well as four short films: Voice, Elevator, Lesson, A Smoke Break. Since 1993, Mykhailo Illenko has been working with students of the Kyiv National I. K. Karpenko-Karyi University of Theatre, Cinema and Television as a creative curator of the Feature Film Directing program.

MYROSLAV HAY, producer

He enrolled in the Kyiv National I. K. Karpenko-Karyi University of Theatre, Cinema and Television. After graduating, he taught acting and TV host skills for 15 years. Actor of Kyiv Drama Theater Bravo. His most famous roles in the cinema are Stop Revolution (2006), With a stool through the Himalayas (Russian: «С табуретом через Гималаи») (2007), Toloka (2020), Butterfly Vision (2022)

Since 2007, Myroslav Hay has been teaching acting and TV host skills at the STB TV channel.

After the Revolution of Dignity, he began active volunteering.

In 2015, together with Kyrylo Nechmonia, he founded MIR&CO PRODUCTION, which creates documentaries and feature films. His most famous works include Brothers in Arms (2018), Peacekeepers. In the Mountains of Svaneti, Say "Ukraine" (work-in-progress).

In February 2016, he completed the first experimental reserve officers training course for ATO participants and obtained the specialty of the commander of mechanized units and the first officer rank.

In 2022, during the Russian military invasion of Ukraine, he was mobilized to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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