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Updated: Mar 29, 2023

fiction feature film

Comedy drama, or dramatic comedy "Ukraine - the capital of Great Britain" is a story about the absurd present of today. It’s a story about an amazing world system where the population of the planet watches with popcorn how blood is poured in a neighboring country, but at the same time is very worried about image and well-being, garbage sorting and the price of gas! This is a satire on a hot topic that reveals the pitfalls of the modern world of double standards. Unmarried late middle-aged writer Grigory flees the war and finds himself in conservative Europe, miraculously escaping the occupied city which was his life-long home. A chance meeting with fellow escapee Vera, and an abandoned dog, Grigory and Vera take on the outward appearance of husband and wife to fool the authorities. The ruse as a family is their means of survival. Upon relocation to Berlin, it seems to Grigory that a peaceful happy dream-life finally awaits. He and Vera are given shelter at an Orthodox Jewish-run hostel. But there is one detail - he must receive documents and become an official refugee. At first, everything goes well, Hryhoriy diligently studies German, arranges to work illegally as a chess teacher in a Catholic school. But tempered joy is soon soured as Grigory comes to realize that Europe is already overflowing with refugees and suffers from bureaucracy. He finds himself at the epicentre of another war, a geopolitical one, where everyone is after their own interests. Grigory’s soul-destroying epiphany is that war is good for big business. And this war may never end.




Screenwriter, director

Education: Director of Mass Celebrations and Spectacles, Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts.


- Independence Day (short, 2012) – producer, screenwriter, director (Special Mention of the National Competition Jury at Odesa IFF; Best Short Film of the National Competition at Molodist KIFF)

- Odesa (short, 2014) – screenwriter, director.

- Everything Will Be All Right (short, 2015) – screenwriter, director, producer (Special Mention of the National Competition Jury at Molodist KIFF)

- Hero of My Time (feature, 2018) – screenwriter, director (Best Director award at Odesa IFF)

- Do You Love Me? (feature, 2023) – screenwriter, director (Work in Progress award in Cannes , official selection of the Work in Progress section in San Sebastian)


Producer and co-founder of the Family Production. Graduated from Kyiv

National Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Film, and Television University (Organization of Film Production). At Family Production, he coordinates the shooting process, and takes care of creative decisions and communications.

Family Production assists in the creation of Ukrainian national stands at the world film forums, such as Berlinale, Cannes, and Toronto. Danylo is a co-founder of the Film Industry Association of Ukraine.


- Bulmastiff (2020, 25’, Ukraine) – producer. Awards: Molodist KIFF (Best Short Film of the National Competition, Special Mention of the National Competition Jury, Ecumenical Jury Prize); Golden Dzyga (Best Short Film). Participant of international film festivals in Cottbus, El Gouna, Les Nuits En Or

- Golden Leggins (2022, dir. A. Nepytaliuk, 90’, Ukraine). The world premiere took place in Cottbus 2022.

- Do You Love Me? (2023, dir. T. Noiabriova, 90’, Ukraine). Official selection of the Work in Progress section in Cannes 2022, Ukrainian Films Now award. Presented at the market in Karlovy Vary 2022, OIFF section. Participant of the forthcoming San Sebastian Film Festival

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