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Updated: Mar 29, 2023

fiction series

After the Russia's invasion in Ukraine, a big family, all women who used to live a quiet and peaceful life in Kyiv, make up their mind to leave home and native Ukraine to save their lives from Russian bombings. With their family home destroyed by war and their relationships just as broken, can they survive in a foreign country, away from their roots?

A dangerous journey catalyses the conflicts between the mother, Natalia Berezhna, and her three adult daughters. They are all single and can't expect men to help them get to safety. On the evacuation train, the women are surrounded by refugees, each with their own drama. New encounters change Natalia's daughters' plans - all of them decide to stay in Ukraine, but follow separate ways. At the Polish border, it's only Natalia with her granddaughter...

She has to ask for help from an old acquaintance - a Polish man, Maciej Szymczak. She used to be in love with him, but he was married at the time. Natalia never told him, that she had his daughter. The man agrees to help Natalia, but when they meet he doesn't recognize her. The woman's feelings are hurt, but she still decides to go with Maciej and get shelter at a tiny Polish town's hotel...

After a while, all three of Natalia's daughters for various reasons end up at the same hotel. And not only them but also other refugees that were in that same car of the evacuation train. This comes as a surprise to Maciej who expected to host only Natalia and her grand daughter. The shelter seekers become one big family, and Maciej grows attached to them, like to his own kin and starts planning the future.



LILIA MOLODETSKA, scriptwriter

2019–2022, Editor in Chief in the Department of Television Production, StarLightMedia.

2018–2019, script editor, StarMedia.

2012–2017, journalist, copy editor in the Detector Media online magazine.

1997–2012, Editor in Chief of a newspaper and website; CEO of the Ukrainian Association of Press Publishers; media projects curator, media consultant.

Filmography (writer and script editor):

2017–2019, TV series: Doctor Kovalchuk («Лікар Ковальчук»), Love under the Microscope («Кохання під мікроскопом»), Secret Love («Таємне кохання»), Amnesic Love («Кохання без пам’яті»), No Doubts («Без вагань»), The Consultant («Консультант»).

2020–2022, TV series: The Midwife («Акушерка»), Embraced in Lies («В обіймах брехні»), Two above the Abyss («Двоє над прірвою»), Coffee-scented Love («Кохання з ароматом кави»), Vira's Love («Кохання Віри»), Sunny days («Сонячні дні»), My Beloved Enemy («Мій коханий ворог»), Hi, Dad! («Здрастуй, тато!»), Nothing is Accidental («Все невипадково»), Untamed Love («Некероване кохання»), A Girl for my Man («Знайду пару коханому»).

TV series n production: Detectives («Слідаки»), Hot («Гарячий»), Herd («Табун»), The Last Letter From My Love ("Останній лист коханого").

Co-writer on biopic series The Princess of Flowers («Принцеса квітів», about Kateryna Bilokur) and Handmaid («Наймичка», about Maria Zankovetska).


Education :

2000-2006 Interregional Academy of Personnel Management (MAUP, Kyiv)

Specialty - Management of organizations

Scientific degree - master's degree.

Work experience in the field of film production (Ukraine) - 8 years:

2019-2022 - executive producer (projects) of StarLightMedia serial production,

2014-2019 - assistant creative producer of "STAR MEDIA" LLC,

2018-2019 - line producer of "CHRISTIE FILM" LLC.

Filmography of the line producer:

2020 "Inglourious Basterds", full-length film

2019 "Lost Memories", game series

2018 "Sex and nothing personal", feature film

Filmography of the executive producer:

2021 Uncontrolled Love, game series

2021 "I will find a match for my beloved", game series

2020 "Midwife", game series

2020 "Embrace the Lies", game series

2020 "Sunny Days", game series

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