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Updated: Mar 29, 2023

fiction feature film

Near future. Ukraine won but the war left many scars.

Yuriy Voloshyn (51) is a dean of a philosophy faculty. Every morning he teaches mythology and philosophy at university, while helping his mother who works as a church choirmaster, every evening.

He has never been a students’ favorite, but after losing his wife, Yura lost any interest in teaching. Now he simply tries to live with his pain.

Suddenly a grey giant pierced with a trident falls from heaven to earth. The rector calls Yura in, saying the Kyiv City Administration is urgently requesting all experts of ancient Greek myths.

Along with other experts Yura learns that it was a Christian god. The City hall employee is sure that Greek gods have returned and everyone should be prepared. And they’re gathered here to help better prepare the population to this.

He asks all experts to leave their info at the exit, for tomorrow’s assignment to city districts. They’ll need to tell the city residents about the new gods and goddesses, and how to worship them according to ancient myths.

The following day, Yura informs the neighborhood about the peculiarities of sacrificial offerings, and suddenly realizes: if the Greek gods are back, it must mean somewhere, there’s a kingdom of the dead. Which means there’s a chance to bring back his deceased wife Katya.

Yura decides to find the kingdom of the dead, based on its mentions in the ancient myths. Greece is closed for travels, lightnings are taking down airplanes, but Yura is sure there’s an entrance to the other side. And he will definitely find it.

Together with his loser student Kolya, he departs on a journey to return the loved ones from afterlife. The two are very different, but united by a common goal. Attempting to bring back to life their loved ones, they first learn to accept loss.



PAVLO OSTRIKOV, scriptwriter

In 2007, he enrolled in the National Aviation University which he graduated from in 2012 with a master’s in Law. Participant and award winner at numerous international film festivals, such as Locarno, Tampere, Odesa IFF, Kyiv IFF Molodist, Palm Springs, and others. Winner of the Golden Dzyga award, EFA nominee for the film Graduation ’97. Member of the European Film Academy, Ukrainian Film Academy and the Contemporary Ukrainian Cinema NGO (CUC).


2014 – BUS STOP, short, fiction

2015 – REVELATION, short, fiction

2016 – GOLDEN LOVE short, fiction

2017 – GRADUATION ’97, short, fiction

2018 - MIA DONNA, short, fiction

2023 – U ARE THE UNIVERSE, fiction feature


Producer, director, and member of the European Film Academy and the Ukrainian Film Academy.

She was born on July 7, 1987, in Shcholkine, Crimea.

In 2018, she graduated with honors from Kyiv National I. K. Karpenko-Karyi Theatre, Cinema and Television University, major: Feature Film Directing, workshop of Borys Savchenko.

From 2017 to May 2020, she worked as a development producer at Limelight LLC. Since May 2020, she is a co-owner, producer, and director of Forfilms LLC.


2018: Eternity, short film, co-producer and director - awards: Saint Louis IFF; Leuven IFF

2021: Operator Victoria, short film, co-producer and director.

POFF Shorts, Palm Springs Short Fest, Odense IFF, Rhode Island IFF

2021: Reflection, dir. Valentin Vasyanovych; co-producer. Venice IFF, the main competition program

2022: Felix and Me, dir. Iryna Tsylyk; producer, Warsaw IFF in 2022

2022: Luxembourg, Luxembourg, dir. Antonio Lukich; producer – Venice IFF, Orizzonti, Toronto, Contemporary World Cinema

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