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fiction series

Zhenya, a medical student, gets a job as a night orderly in a morgue when his colleague, Igor Ivanovich, starts acting strangely and asks to see him off. The next day Zhenya finds out that Igor Ivanovich died two days ago, and Zhenya became his guide to the other side. His mission now is to guide the souls of the dead, but he is not ready for it. So he tries to avoid his calling in every way possible. Meanwhile, the souls crowd around him... And each of them wants something from him... Zhenya desperately needs to find out what they want and why he has become their guide.



OKSANA ARTEMENKO, scriptwriter

2004-2009 - KYIV INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY, MA in Film and Television Directing.

2009-2014 - Karpenko-Kary Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts, MA in Dramaturgy of Cinema and Television.

2013 - Member of the Union of Cinematographers.

2015-2020 - co-founder of Letter To Fest Distribution.

2017 - Member of the Ukrainian Film Academy.


2021: short film Lalibela, dir. H. Morozova, co-writer of the script

2021: TV series "Princess of Flowers", four episodes (StarLight Production), co-writer of the script

2019: short film The Night Express, co-writer, co-director

2019: short film The Carpet, writer

2019-...: feature film "The Heart Surgeon", co-director, co-writer (in development)

2018: short film The Man, director, screenwriter

2015: TV series "The Opposite Lane", 2+2 channel, writer

2013: short film The Subscriber, co-director

2012: short film Vanya, writer, director

2011: short film Timka, co-director


Economist, member of the Ukrainian Film Academy, film producer, and manager of social and cultural projects.


2003-2008 MA in Macroeconomics at KNEU named after V. Hetman.

2008-2013 MA in Film and Television Production at Karpenko-Kary Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts.


2020-2021 Producer of the documentaries Where the Dog is Buried (Grant from the President of Ukraine) and As Far as Possible (Grant from the Ukrainian Institute), Executive Producer of the documentary Lagoons. Battle for Paradise and co-producer of the feature film Butterfly Vision.

2018-2019 Line producer of the co-productions The Earth is Blue as an Orange and This Rain Will Never Stop.

2017-2018 Line producer of the feature films No Obvious Signs, The First Company and Solitude.

2017 Line producer of the docu-fiction film Sex in the Soviet Union.

2016-2018 General producer of the films Invisible and New Year's Eve in the Family Circle.

2017 Project manager of the Yellow Bus Program (Democracy Grants Program of the US Embassy in Kyiv) for children in the ATO zone.

2016 Producer of the documentary film Cymbalist Petro.

2015 Assistant producer of the documentary film The Russian Woodpecker

2015 Producer of the documentary film Kholodny Yar. Intro.

2009-2014 Director of the production of 40 short films.

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