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Young and extraordinary Ukrainian billionaire Viktor Koval (33), who has lost his family during the Russian shelling of Kharkiv, decides to change the world security system. He is going to develop and provide each country, including unrecognized ones, with nuclear weapons. In his obsessive conviction, this will provide a true deterrent. Viktor is certain that his family would have lived if Ukraine have had nuclear weapons.

Viktor gathers a team of scientists led by Ukrainian physicist Lev Shtrum (64) to develop a brand-new technology of nuclear weapons – stealth missiles with a small but terribly destructive charge of a new generation. To ensure the project’s security and conduct various and often illegal military operations necessary for the development of nuclear weapons, Viktor hires a former head of CIA special operations, Matt (49), who had resigned several years prior due to disagreements with the head office.

Caring out his mission, Matt will have to reach and cross his personal red lines. And Viktor, possessing more and more power, will start to resemble the autocrats and dictators he fought against. This will cause tension and lead to confrontation between Victor and Matt.

At the same time, an active CIA agent and Matt’s apprentice, Michael (38), takes a lead that someone has secretly begun the process of compiling stealth and nuclear fusion technologies. Head office assigns Michael to investigate this case. Most radical terrorist organizations join the hunt for Viktor and his project.



DMYTRO KITSAI, scriptwriter

Screenwriter, producer. 2010–2011 – Big Difference in Ukrainian, parody TV show, author 2011–2012 – The Cube, Ukrainian analogue of the BritishTV show, STB, main author 2012–2017 – TV shows Everything Will Be Fine, The Quick, Everything Will Taste Fine, show runner and creative producer 2017–2019 – When We Are Home, TV series, StarLight Films (SLF), 4–5 seasons, creative producer, editor-in-chief, and co-author; To Catch the Kaidash, TV series, general producer 2019–2021 – StarLight Media (SLM), head of series development; Mom, TV series, producer; Mom 2, TV series, producer 2021–2022 – platform, head of original series, The Silence series, creative producer, co-author.

YEHOR OLESOV, producer

Producer, screenwriter, creative producer, composer, visual effects producer.

Education: Kyiv National Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Film, and Television University (Faculty of Film and Television) Work experience: more than 20 years in media and film industry. Member of the European Film Academy, Visual Effects Society, International Game Developer Association, and Ukrainian Television Academy.

Filmography (Producer):

2022 – Mavka – The Forest Song

2021 – Stars Exchange

2020 – Pulse

]2019 – Mr. Jones (dir. Agnieszka Holland)

2019 – The Rising Hawk / Zakhar Berkut

2016 – Polina and the Mistery of a Film Studio

2018 – The Stollen Princess

2017 – The Stronghold

2015 - Unbreakable

2012–2015 – Eskimoska (animated series)

2008 – MTV Made.

Awards: Medal for “Assistance to Military Intelligence of Ukraine” II grade (2022) Order of Merit III grade (2019) Teletriumph Award (2010, 2016) VES Awards nominee (2012, 2013)

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