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Updated: Mar 29, 2023

fiction feature film

The 1960s, a young and ambitious Ukrainian director, whose prototype is the legend of Ukrainian cinema, Yuri Ilyenko, tries to do everything so that his films can be seen outside the iron curtain, while the Soviet censors ban his films one by one. When the program director of the Venice Film Festival unexpectedly arrives at the Dovzhenko Film Studios, the director realizes that this is perhaps the only chance to make his dream come true...



DARIA ONYSHENKO, scriptwriter

Daria Onyshchenko is a Ukrainian-German director and screenwriter


2021 Malevych, feature film, 100’.

Director, screenwriter, in production. Ukraine-Switzerland-Poland-Serbia. Member of MIDPOINT.

2021 Failed State, series, author of the script. In development. Produced by Double Suited Production.

2020 Assignment, feature film, Ukraine-Switzerland, 90min., screenwriter, in development.

2020 People Need Help («Людям треба помагати»), TV series, 4 episodes, Ukraine, screenwriter.

Winner of the Pitch USAID competition.

2019, Generation Maidan («Покоління Майдан»), documentary film, 60 min. Ukraine-Switzerland. Director, screenwriter.

2019, The Forgotten, feature film, drama, 124 min. Ukraine-Switzerland.

Director, screenwriter.

2013, Eastalgia, feature film, drama, 100 min. Ukraine-Germany-Serbia. Director and screenwriter.

2010, Dogs of Ukrainka, short film, 20 min. Director and screenwriter, producer.

2008, 3 Pairs of Boots (Ukrainian: «3 пари ботівок»), feature film, drama, 100 min., co-director, Bavarian Television.

2006, Suicide Club («Клуб самовбивць»), short film, 10 min. Director.



2010 – A Prayer for Hetman Mazepa. New version, dir. Yuri Ilyenko;

2020 – Toloka, dir. Mykhailo Illienko;

2021 – Slovo House. Unfinished Novel, co-producer, dir. Taras Tomenko.


Played in more than ten feature films, including starring roles. Selected filmography includes:

1983 – The Legend of Princess Olga, dir. Yuri Ilyenko;

1987 – Straw Bells, dir. Yuri Ilyenko, the film participated in the competition program of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in 1988;

1990 – Swan Lake: The Zone, dir. Yuri Ilyenko, the film participated in the competition program of Cannes' Directors' Fortnight in 1990, Prix de la jeunesse film étranger, Prix FIPRESCI;

2002 – A Prayer for Hetman Mazepa, dir. Yuri Ilyeno. The film participated in the Berlinale main program in 2002.

From August 2014 to August 2019, he headed the Ukrainian State Film Agency.

During the period of his work, the production of 173 film projects, including 67 full-length feature films, was completed with the support of the Ukrainian State Film Agency; 194 films were put into production, the distribution of 59 feature films was supported.

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