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Updated: Mar 29, 2023

fiction series

Year 2007. Several women of different age and looks are found dead on the outskirts of the small town Boiarka. Local corrupt law enforcement doesn’t investigate the murders, while rumors reach the capital and cause a stir. The case is assigned to an extraordinary investigator, Andrii. As an experienced hunter, he assembles his own team of the best Kyiv operatives.

The community doesn’t welcome the outsiders, and the reason is soon revealed: last year, more than 50 women were murdered in the Boiarka­–Vasylkiv­–Korchi triangle, and the number of those gone missing is unknown. All this time, local militia has been hiding the remains of the victims to cover their own negligence, and now, it deliberately obstructs the investigation, falsifies the results of the forensics, and plays into the hands of the murderer. Among the suspects is a victim’s husband, accidentally detained by passers-by during an attempted attack on a girl; he is not local.

The investigation is looking for the witnesses and female survivors. Oleksandr, a sketchy local operative, joins the group; he is the one who found the body of the first victim and contaminated the physical evidence while inspecting the crime scene. He becomes Andrii’s first assistant. Together they work out the portrait of the serial killer who violates all standards and approaches to a serial murder investigation. Realizing that he’s being hunted, the criminal turns even more sophisticated and starts to play with the investigators.

They will have to find a new approach to the search and profiling, look for answers in prison while conversing with Anatolii Onopriienko. For they’ve encountered an evil that’s difficult to comprehend.

Corrupt militia, lack of advanced technologies, indifference and silence of the locals works in murderer’s favor. And in favor of the investigation, there is only a desire to find out the truth and stop the beast.



OLHA HIBELINDA, scriptwriter

Member of Ukrainian and European Film Academies.


Special Mention from the jury of Bodega Bay International Film Festival (USA)

Competitions (official selection):

Odesa IFF (2011)

Monaco Charity Film Festival (2011)

Short Film Corner, Cannes (2011)

British Horror Film Festival (2013)


- Lovers in Kyiv, chapter “Something,” screenwriter, director (2011)

- Tommorow I Turned 17, director, screenwriter (2014)

- Bird, director, producer (documentary, Grant of the President of Ukraine for young film actors)

- Kobzar, producer (2014; supported by Ukrainian State Film Agency, special competition to the 200th anniversary of Taras Shevchenko)

- My Boy, producer (2015; supported by Ukrainian State Film Agency, Taras Denysenko’s debut)

- Schopenhauer's Schizophrenia, producer (2017; Philosophical Film Festival 2018)

- Angels/Dachi, documentary, producer and screenwriter (2021; Grant of the President of Ukraine)

- Kyiv. Lockdown (2020–2021), documentary series, director

- Useful for Everyone, animated series


Ivanna Khitsinska graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (2010) and the Karpenko-Kary National University of Theatre, Film, and TV (2022).

She is a member of the Ukrainian Film Academy and a founder of the Quatros Group.

From February 2022 – producer at Babylon'13.

From January 2021 – coordinator at the Film Industry Office of the Odesa International Film Festival.

From 2019 – managing director of the Commercial Productions Association of Ukraine.

From 2017 – managing director of the Film Industry Association of Ukraine.

2015-2019 – PR director of the Open Night International Short Film Festival.

2014-2017 – head of promotion at the Dovzhenko Centre (Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Centre).

2010-2014 – manager at the Ukrainian State Film Agency.


2017 – Red, dir. Zaza Buadze. Feature film. Promo tour coordinator.

2016 – Jamala.UA, dir. Anna Akulevych. Documentary feature film. PR manager.

2016 – Lobanovskiy Forever, dir. Anton Azarov. Documentary feature film. PR manager.

2022 – More than 30 videos about the war in Ukraine, 2022, created with Babylon'13.

2022 – Beneficial for everyone (Корисно для кожного) реж. Olga Gibelinda. Psychotherapy video series.

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