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Updated: Mar 29, 2023

fiction feature film

A teenage girl had no chance to stay unharmed. With her own eyes she saw the cruel murder of her mom, and then the killer followed her and killed her in the same merciless way. But as it turned out, death was not the end. The girl’s consciousness transported into the murderer’s body and continued living alongside his own distorted consciousness. After the shock and the realization of where she turned out, after the failed attempts to get out, the heroine accepts the new reality and dedicates herself to the vengeance for the death of her loved one. However, her vengeful urges numb her self-preservation instinct. She allows the killer’s consciousness to see her and at that, opens up her inner world. The girl enters the struggle with a much stronger and treacherous opponent. But the desire to avenge her mother is oner side as it empowers her. The goal and unquenchable desire of punishing the enemy doesn’t let her go even when she finds out that her body is still alive. By any price she wants to satisfy her will for punishment, while any version of the enemy’s death is an insufficient payback for her mom’s death. The girl delves into a dark world. The thin line between looking for justice and the desire to kills gets erased. Unnoticeably for the girl herself, she appears capable of killing even the murderer’s family, his wife and child. In a decisive moment she manages to stop, abandon her malevolent plan, and return to her body. Leaving the enemy’s body behind, she leaves the door to his consciousness wide open. This door becomes the entrance for those whom he killed with impunity. The heroine keeps living her regular life, but the news of another unpunished person in her mother’s murder case reawakens the tamed desire for vengeance



ANDRIY NEHRESKUL, scriptwriter

Studied at the Karpenko-Kariy National Film, Theater, and Television University.

1996-1997 - worked as a program editor and director, Bomb project, 1+1 TV channel.

1997-2018 - director and co-founder of the Ukrainian office of Japan’s A&D Company.

2017 – ficiton film 11 Children from Morshyn - co-scriptwriter with Arkadiy Nepytaliuk and Ivan Timshyn

2017 – fiction film Love Not According to Script - co-writer together with Karim Naser

2018 – fiction short film Funeral - co-writer together with Karim Naser

2018 - fiction short film Unclear Guy - co-writer together with Karim Naser

2019 – fiction film Shroedinger’s Box - co-writer together with Yaroslav Helyas

2020 р. – fiction film Darkness - co-writer together with Karim Naser

2021 - expert at the State Film Agency

2021 - fiction film Tank - co-writer together with Ivan Timshyn, Karim Naser, and Maksym Ksjonda


In 1997, founded the Depo film company. Since 1999 worked as an independent producer. Since 2004, owner and executive producer of Pronto Film. In 2011 was awarded the national prize Teletriumf as the "best producer of a TV series". Co-founder of the Ukrainian Film Association and the Association of the Film Industry of Ukraine. Over 20 years in film and advertising business, Maksym has been chief, executive, or line producer on 30 films and tve series, ansd over 300 ads, short films, and music videos.


2019 SNIFFER (season 4), (in production) 8x52 min, criminal drama, dir. Artem Lytvynenko

Executive producer

DOVBUSH, 120 min, historical drama, dir. Oles Sanin,

FOXTER & MAX, 80 min, family, dir. Anstoliy Mateshko,

TOLOKA, (in production) historical drama, dir. Mykhailo Illienko Executive Producer

WALK ON WATER, short, dir. Solomiya Tomashchuk

2018 COLD BLOOD LEGACY, France/Ukraine, thriller, dir. Frederic Petitjean

Executive Producer


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