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Updated: Mar 29, 2023

fiction series

This Is Fu*$ed is a mockumentary dramedy about Ukrainians who took shelter in subway station Zoloti Vorota since February 24. The tragic historic backdrop of the story does not rule out domestic needs and everyday quarrels occurring between now neighboring strangers. Forced coexistence of people whose paths would hardly cross under different circumstances becomes a source of comic situations.

The plot revolves around a married hipster couple of hipsters who turned out to be completely unprepared for Armageddon that fell upon all Ukrainians with the beginning of the full-scale war. The focus is on a talented IT professional from Mariupol who was about to move to the Silicon Valley right when the first days of invasion came, as well as her husband, an infantile dreamer in love with Ukrainian culture and embroidery. The problem is that he has a Russian passport, although since 2014, he’s been identifying himself as Ukrainian. The idealist bluntly refuses to move to America and leave his Ukrainian people in times of hardship. Moreover, a chance encounter in the bomb shelter gives him an opportunity to popularize his hobby: a selection of previously unknown samples of Ukrainian embroidery may end up on a postage stamp to be issued in a million copies.

The third key-character is a former ATO soldier, a combat medic, who find his purpose in helping people who live in the subway station and have faced the war for the first time. He gets close to the hipster couple and creates a love triangle that looks like a trio of the best friends. To make the heroine’s dream come true, so she gets to the desired American project, a former soldier is ready to take her all the way to the border. This paranoiac is afraid that the unadjusted couple won’t make it without his help. And everything would be fine if it weren’t for the Russian passport of his best friend that the former Ukrainian servicemen sees for the first time at the border crossing.



OLEH ZBOROVKYI, scriptwriter

2013 – Theater Faculty, Kyiv National Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Film, and Television University

2018 – Filmmaking, Directing, New York Film Academy


- Cossacks. Absolutely False Story, TV series, 2020, 12 episodes, 45’, ICTV (3.41% rating, 12.57% share)

- Yummy Mummies, TV series, 2015, 1+1

- It’s Love, TV series, 2013, 40 episodes, 24’

- Road Country, TV program, ICTV

- Cheat, TV program, K1

- Molfarka From Tik-Tok (development), winner of the Ukrainian State Film Agency pitching, finalist of the 13th New Media Film Festival LA.

Creative producer:

- Cossacks. Absolutely False Story, TV series

- Cheat, TV program, K1


- Big Picnic, feature, planned to release on February 24, 2022

- Yurchyshyny 2, TV series, 2021

- Fortune-teller, TV series, 2021


Education: Business Administration and Management (BA), International University (Kyiv–Vienna).

Work experience in media: 18 years.

2007 – present – creative producer, producer

A member of the NATPE Advisory Board Committee, Budapest.

Selected filmography:

2022 – Cosa Nostra, feature, Ukrainian-Italian co-production (FILM.UA Group, Pepito Produzioni), premiered in Italian cinemas on May 19, 2022, producer

2019 – Hide and Seek, TV series, 8 episodes, 50’, ICTV, co-producer.

MIPDRAMA selection (Cannes) of ten most anticipated series in the world. Screening rights sold in the USA and English-speaking Canada, Germany, Italy, Benelux countries, Czechia, Slovakia, Poland, Estonia. Available on Amazon.

Contributed to the international success of the TV series The Sniffer, the first Ukrainian drama to be acquired (and adapted) internationally, including France, Japan, and the USA. The series are currently available on Netflix.

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